Ashore Wellness


Personal Therapy

Individual Counselling & Social Work Support

50 mins

Explore and recover

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth through Ashore Wellness. Our skilled therapists provide compassionate guidance tailored to your unique needs, whether for individual, couples, or family counseling. Prioritizing your well-being, take the first step towards a brighter future by scheduling a session today.

*Please select “Standard Counselling” at booking page

Relationship counselling

Couples Therapy

50 or 100 mins

Working out relationships is hard work

We understand the challenges relationships can bring and offer tailored support to help you strengthen your connection and resolve any issues you may be facing. Take the first step towards a brighter future together with our therapist.

*We recommend taking the 100 mins long session for our first meeting. It is also recommended to take at least the first session in-person at our Footscray location before considering moving to online sessions.

*Please select FOOTSCRAY location and “Long Counselling Session” at booking page.

Family Relationship

Family Counselling

50 or 100 mins

Create Positive Family Relationships

Family therapy can provide a safe space to address common issues such as communication breakdowns, unresolved conflicts, parenting challenges, and emotional struggles. By engaging in therapy, families can work together to strengthen their relationships, improve understanding, and create a supportive environment for growth and healing.

*Please note we only provide in-person Family Counselling service. We recommend taking the 100 min long session for our first meeting.

*Please select FOOTSCRAY location and “Long Counselling Session” at booking page

Shinrin-yoku talk therapy

Walk & Talk Outdoor Therapy

Approx 60+ mins

Heal with combined power of nature and talk therapy

Walk and Talk Therapy offers a unique, holistic approach to mental health, combining the therapeutic benefits of counseling with the rejuvenating effects of nature. Conducted in the serene natural parklands of Melbourne’s inner west suburbs (Essendon West, Keilor East, Avondale Heights, and Braybrook), our sessions provide a refreshing alternative to traditional therapy settings. As you walk and talk with your therapist, you’ll find that the movement and natural surroundings help to ease stress, foster mindfulness, and promote deeper, more open conversations. This innovative method supports your mental well-being in a dynamic and engaging way.

Get started with a free 15 mins online consultation to discuss if Walk and Talk therapy is for you. Note this initial 15 mins session is purely discussion on logistic assessment and arrangements, and not a counselling session.

*Please select Online location and “FREE Walk & Talk Therapy initial consultation” at booking page.

Your Partner for Healing and Recovery after Traffic Incidents

TAC Victoria

Our qualified social worker, registered with TAC, understands the impact on your mental well-being. Experience personalized, compassionate, and effective mental health services on your journey to a brighter future. Book your appointment today.

  • Initial Consultation (30 mins) –
    No out of pocket fee (Fully covered by TAC)

  • On-going therapy session (50 mins) –
    Small gap fee (at $29.25 until June 2024)

*Contact us directly to arrange an appointment.

Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal 

VOCAT Counselling Support

Counselling for victims and families

Supporting Victims of Crime

We provide dedicated trauma-informed counseling services to support individuals experienced trauma, with support funding from the Victim of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT). Our experienced therapists offer compassionate and confidential care, helping victims navigate the emotional aftermath of their experiences.

*Contact us directly to arrange an appointment.

Social work Services for injured worker

WorkSafe Victoria

Our qualified social worker, registered with WorkSafe Victoria, is here to support injured worker on their journey to recovery, getting the resources they need, to a smooth recovery and achieve their return to work goals.

*Contact us directly to arrange an appointment.

Supporting International Students

Affordable International Student Counselling & Social Work Support

50 min

(Online Only)

Making counselling more accessible

We offer affordable counseling services to international students, recognising the challenges they may face in accessing counseling sessions at schools or universities due to high demand and the often high cost of private counseling. We are pleased to provide reduced fees for international students in Australia, offering a 50-minute individual counseling session at affordable reduced fee.

*Please select ONLINE location and “Online Affordable International Student Counselling & Social Work Support” at booking page

Additional Services

Other Services

Narrative Therapy Group work

Our narrative therapist and accredited social worker can facilitate and run group sessions tailored to your situation, such as working on grief and loss, group trauma experiences, and navigating major work or life changes for the community.

Cultural Awareness Training

Improve your organisation’s cultural awareness with Ashore Wellness. With experience in delivering cultural related training in various settings including ISANA conferences, universities, and professional corporate associations, we tailor our workshop to suit your organization to deliver a high-quality experience that benefits your team and community.